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PGS:  Underwater Photos and Videos

Short Videos

Giant Cuttlefish: Displays and Color Changes


Cymbiola magnifica

Dramatic Color Change from Giant Cuttlefish

Octopus, Hermit Crab, Fish




Giant Cuttlefish Touring

Tiny Squid

Reaper Cuttlefish (Sepia mestus) lead frantic lives.


A cuttlefish displaying with one half of its body to another individual, while keeping the colors on the other half of its body fixed and somewhat camouflaged



Soundtrack by Jane Sheldon




A cuttlefish reacts to an intrusive fish.




What is the octopus doing with the crab at the end of the clip?



Giant Cuttlefish ascending 


Weedy Sea Dragon


Striped Catfish schooling


Gloomy octopus


Southern squid


A Cuttlefish named Kandinsky


Reaper Cuttlefish

(with permanent yellow eye-liner)